It was my birthday and I couldn't get into the sound check! I called the box office who referred me to the producers who referred me to the managing agency. I emailed all the principals and didn't even get a response! My girlfriend Terry offered to buy the tickets.
Everyone tried to talk me out bringing my camera since it was a no camera event but I just don't believe in such a thing.
As it was I only pulled out my Canon 30D w/ 70-200mm lens when the audience burst into applause so I wouldn't get noticed as much. Richie's brother arrived and sat in front of me. 1 year apart but they both look identical, same white beard, bald head and look in their eyes.
He still lives in Brooklyn, I told him it's been 30 years since I photographed his brother. Richie's big hands covered the fretboard. His left thumb does more than just play the bass string as he uses it to finger his chords and like Hendrix his strumming hand moves at incredible speed, its like watching and hearing lightning!
Even though I couldn't photograph freely enough to capture exactly what I wanted, I did take note of the performers gestures & movements. I now know which chord Steve likes to accent by pointing to the ceiling and I'll be ready for Richie when he jumps up at the end of his set to kick the air!

For a year or two I photographed the sound checks at the BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB on W. 3rd St in NYC. In the 1970s I photographed the sound checks at the BEACON THEATER (on Broadway and 72nd St in NYC) and was on stage with the likes of KISS, the KINKS and many other now top acts.

Mark Rivera

Brooklyn native Mark Rivera is now as a member of RINGO'S ALL STAR BAND. Mark also tours with FOREIGNER and is a long time member of BILLY JOEL'S BAND. . In addition to playing soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, Rivera's musical talents encompass vocals, guitar, flute, percussion, and keyboards.

Jeff Kazee

Jeff Kazee is a longtime vocalist, songwriter and organist for the legendary Rock/Soul band Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. He has also worked extensively with Bon Jovi.

Kasim Sulton

Singer/songwriter Kasim Sulton has worked with Todd Rundgren, Blue Öyster Cult, The New Cars, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Utopia, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi and Hall Oates. He toured worldwide as part of Meat Loaf's band from 1993 until 2009.

Singer/songwriter Marc Ribler

Ira Siegel

Ira Siegel has been playing guitar professionally for over 35 years. He is backing Jewel.

Producer, musician, songwriter, arranger and R executive... Jimmy Bralower